Sexores – Volantia


One thing is for sure in music, a great song is a great song no matter what language it is sung in. Just because I don’t speak Spanish doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a song like, for example, ‘Volantia’ by Ecuadorian band Sexores. Sometimes not understanding the lyrics can add mystery to a track.

But of course sometimes we can get an understanding of what a song is about via the press release that comes with it and in Sexores’ own words…

“‘Volantia’ is the first principle of red magic. We find it in the example of the irresistible force of lightning that breaks and burns, but never tires. This elemental force is passive when it obeys the command of the intellect and self-discipline. Its practice leads to the development of attention, concentration and attraction.

We will conjure the twelfth spirit, Sitri, who appears at the beginning with the head of a leopard and the wings of a griffin, but after the order of the one who commands the Exorcism, it adopts a very beautiful human form. Sitri inflames people with love and, if desired, also makes them show themselves naked.”

Words that will also allow the accompanying video that you can see below to make more sense.

And just to add a few words about the song… It’s a beautiful lush track with an uplifting dreamy chorus. A song you can easily close your eyes and get lost in. If you love dream pop then you will love ‘Volantia’. The synths are heavenly.

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