Róisin Marie – Like That

Róisin Marie

A new single from New York based composer/singer Róisin Marie, the follow-up to ‘Better Days’. On that track the lyrical list of reminiscences over a mellow electro background were delivered with an evocative, relaxed light-touch but still adding gravitas and resonance to the key lines ‘…..and since my world came down I can’t help but think of all the sweet memories….’ and from our own experiences we are right there with her when she concludes ‘….I wish I wish I knew those were better days and now they’re all gone…..’

Now ‘Like That’ features a looser wordset, reflecting the confused emotions and lack of resolution after a significant relationship issue. Róisin has acknowledged the evolving nature of ‘Like That’; ‘…..I just needed to let out some feelings…the song means new things to me as time passes…’

While the lyrics conjour up images ‘…..you’d be in my head….stayin’ up till midnight…. count the stars in the sky….’ the music cajoles and makes a lo-fi backing seem rich and lustrous, especially in the subtly catchy chorus which is a very strong feature of this track.

Mike Wright