Redwood – Honey Sauce


Redwood’s new single ‘Honey Sauce’ is released on 27 November 2020. It’s a very emotional song, dealing with the feelings arising from a relationship breakdown, and the search for resolution, closure and the possibilities of new beginnings – something which everyone can identify with.

Speaking of the song, Redwood says: “I wrote ‘Honey Sauce’ after the end of a relationship which only lasted a few months. I’d cut all contact with that person so I didn’t feel like I’d had any closure; as a result there was lots going on in my head and I needed to get it down on paper! I very quickly wrote the line, ‘I wish you’d get up and move out of my mind’”.

The song starts simply, with sparse accompaniment, the interspersed verses then leading to three choruses whose multi-layered production proclaim the inner turmoil and conflicting emotions everyone feels during and after the breakdown of a relationship. Recorded at Rockfield Studios in South Wales, the production is sharp and crisp, yet, however much instrumentation and vocals differentiate the choruses, Redwood’s powerful and soulful voice is heard as clearly as the message she conveys.

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Redwood is based in Worcestershire, and her music has powerful, haunting vocals and spot-on harmonies. Performing on the West Midlands circuit for the last couple of years, Redwood has built up a good reputation. Her songs have received national and regional airplay on BBC6 Music, BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester, and on Black Country Radio, where she was a guest on my Local Music Hour programme.

A natural performer, COVID-19 restrictions have severely curtailed Redwood’s gigging and touring, but this time has been put to good use in writing and streaming online, also in supporting a number of charitable causes, raising hundreds of pounds in the process.

Paul Collins (Presenter,  Local Music Hour at Black Country Radio)