Rare Monk – Goodbye

Rare Monk

Rare Monk are an indie rock band hailing from Portland, Oregon. Their new track ‘Goodbye’ comes off their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Never Really Over’, which is to be released early this year. This bands sound is something I can seriously vibe with.

‘Goodbye’ is lyrically deep, and has an overarching metaphor. Birds which just need to be kicked out of the nest in order to be jump-started into the real, adult world. Quite amusingly, the band dares to suggest that ‘Goodbye’ (meaning… leaving the nest? Childhood innocence?) is just a fun song about birds, although the more inferred meaning of the track strikes a chord with me, who at 21, is just feeling their way into the wider world. One thing which is not in doubt is the confidence of this band, who have created a very assured, laid-back sound with their newest release.

Ryan Powell