Raquel Kiaraa – Defying Odds

Raquel Kiaraa

An album sent straight from the heavens, ‘Defying Odds’ comes in a time of need for fans across the globe. Armed with an empowering soundscape that comes across as pure and honest, the album consists of emotionally charged tracks about Raquel’s personal experiences. To name a few, ‘Lost Without You’ and ‘Love Got Me Sick’ are two of the marvelous stand-out tracks on the album. The music is intricate, the lyrics – simple yet powerful. One can’t stay away from Raquel’s enchanting voice and her majestic delivery.

Speaking about leading single ‘Love Got Me Sick’, Raquel adds, “It’s about the complexities we all face around love, the darker side of it. I have loved and lost. I have loved and changed. I have loved so thoroughly I could no longer tell where I stopped, and it began. I’ve had passion used as a weapon against me, a tool for manipulation I was too blind to see.  I have felt mad, passionate, love and love as comfortable as a king-size bed. I have loved so hard it hurt, and I’ve faked a more profound love than I felt. I’ve withheld love and had love withheld from me. I have run from love, feared my passion and denied truly seeing love. I am no stranger to love. Yet, I have experienced and understand many sides of it – the good and the bad – and am no longer blind to its powerful effects on one’s existence. Love is all at once; terrifying and magical, it’s one thing in this world that will never be portrayed by words alone, for its feeling lives in every pocket of our mind, body and soul. Love is powerful.”