Possumwulf – Last Chopper Out Of Saline County

‘Last Chopper Out Of Saline County’ is the debut single from Possumwulf which came out on Thursday. Indie pop with a conscience, this is the first track from an upcoming EP which was conceived during quarantine.

As you may expect, it has an apocalyptic feel to it – it could easily be ripped straight from a Stephen King horror soundtrack – but this is one of the more optimistic tracks on the EP. A haunting synth holds much of the track together, including the intro and outro, and doubles up as a siren, a warning. A distant voice over a radio reminds me of a medical examiner in a hospital, assessing the damage to a patient. Indie rock drums and riffs add even more to the eerie atmosphere, but on a second listen, this does sound a little more uplifting. Using spaced-out guitar grooves as a bassline, ‘LCOOSC’ is cinematic in nature.

A slow-burner, this is a really promising first teaser to Possumwulf’s sound. I’m looking forward to hearing the upcoming EP, which is currently in its mixing stage.

Ryan Powell