People Club – Francine

People Club

The dreamy pop melodies of ‘Francine’ almost give you a sole reason to get up in the morning.

It is not every day you can turn on the radio and hear some quality, original music. But with bands like People Club, you can almost sense those days are just on the horizon… Back with their new single ‘Francine’, the latest and greatest explored addiction on lovelessness and how “love can fade away leaving only wickedness behind”. 

Despite this harsh lyrical content, the dreamy melodies combine to create an element of perfection within the song. To complement this, the ‘smooth yet powerful’ vocal performance by Sarah Martin provides a silky layer to the track.

People Club have successfully managed to combine the lo-fi greatness of music, with a perfect danceable element to it (as seen from the Motown label and even more electronically focused groups such as Pet Shop Boys)

People Club will be releasing their EP ‘Take Me Home’ in May 2021… And it is definitely one you should be keeping a close eye on.

Alex Malpass