PEARZ – At All Hours

Following off the triumphant ‘Café Corretto’, ‘At All Hours’ is the second single from PEARZ. Through this project, Francesco Perini blends influences from his birthplace of Florence and current surroundings in Peckham, creating cinematic, instrumental tracks. Out on the 21st September on Annibale Records, ‘At All Hours’ teases more of what’s to come on the Nocturnal EP out October 2nd

PEARZ © Ruari Meehan

‘At All Hours’ takes inspiration from the Balaeric sounds, grown from the riviera between Italy and Ibiza. As beautiful as the landscape it is inspired by, ‘At All Hours’ has a euphoric peace to it, like the feeling of looking out to sea from high. With soaring melodies and almost tipsy synths, there’s an undeniable brightness to the track giving the listener an instant boost. Where his previous single, Café Corretto, could be seen as the period of reflection in the morning, ‘At All Hours’ conjures feelings of that magical witching hour in the middle of a night where spirits are high and the atmosphere is electric. Without lyrics to rely on, there is the added task of translating to the listener the emotions and experience that went into writing the track through sound alone. This is something PEARZ exceeds at, planting images of sunrises and liquor through mellow basslines and strings.

PEARZ © Ruari Meehan

Alongside the release of ‘At All Hours’ is a playlist, created by Perini showing the diverse range of influences that went into the writing of the EP. From Sebastian Tellier to Dr Dre, it gives a clear insight into how PEARZ came to be, and the range of ideas and styles that merge to create his tracks. Alongside the release of the Nocturnal EP there’s a double-sided vinyl to look out for too. If it is anything like what has come before, it is one to look forward to.

Isobel Mcleod