Pat Mac – Wait On

Pat Mac

With a style as exotic as Decaf Pop Punk, Pat Mac’s creations are sure to capture your artistic faction.

After earning much-deserved acclaim for his track ‘Hollow’, the artist is back at it again with another hit EP. Titled Wait On, fans will be graced with five exciting and invigorating new tracks that will have them swooning.

Bound with a novel and distinct set of skills, Pat Mac has been achieving exceptional songs for a wide extent of audience. With awe-inspiring lyrics and smooth soundscapes, his songs will surely become go-to ballads for the summer.

Tracks such as ‘Forevermore’ and ‘Mobile Siren’ hold a rather quiet and smooth guitar tune, making them a perfect rendition of his talents. Whereas ‘Wait On’, ‘Hollow’ and ‘Just Saying’ include a dose of pop-punk to the EP.

Charlotte Lucas