Papa George – These Wheels

Papa George

When music legends drop entire projects, it is bound to get my attention. It ought to get yours as well because the legend in question is world renowned blues artist Papa George and the album is called ‘These Wheels.’

There are magnificent tracks scattered all across this album, but there are definitely a few that I would consider my favorites (though that is likely to be ever-changing). One of them is the raucous roadhouse anthem ‘Roll With You.’ I can practically taste the whiskey and smell the cigarette smoke overflowing from my speakers when this one is on. It has so much flavor and glows with that midnight bar feel. A wildly exciting track. It is not alone though. Another favorite of mine is ‘Bad Boy’ which has my favorite vocal performance. The rhythm guitar is spotless and heavy which earns it extra points with me.

The entire album feels like a spontaneous jam session, which is the main reason it has so much pure energy. Everyone on the album sounds like they are having the time of their lives on this record. I can honestly say that I feel the same way when I listen to it. Through the good times and the tough times, this album is the kind of blues therapy that reminds me why the blues exist. To get all those heavy emotions out so the lighter ones can make their way back in.