Orchard – Paws

“We want to create sweeping soundscapes that wrap you up and take you over,” says Orchard frontman Tom Harley. “Music that’s from the heart, that swells with emotion and intensity – but that gets you moving as well.”

The Stoke four-piece were true to their word with debut single ‘Universal Sigh’ back in July. And they keep the euphoria levels sky high with second single ‘Paws’ that’s released on 23rd October. It’s another blast of soaring indie pop that takes its lead from Bombay Bicycle Club and The Maccabees.

Driven by an off-kilter lead guitar line and a thundering rhythm section, the song builds in intensity to a fists-in-the-air final 90 seconds that’s just crying out for the return of proper live gigs. Orchard are going to be pretty immense live.

Behind the powerful surge of their music, though, is emotion and fragility. Orchard seem to have nailed already that intoxicating blend of power and fragility, with Tom’s vocals playing a huge part in this.

He says ‘Paws’ is “essentially a love song. It’s about knowing someone’s got your back when things get on top of you”.

An EP and an album are set to drop in 2021 and, all being well, they’ll be whipping up a storm at some gigs next year too.

Alan Robson