nightdriving – Vancouver


‘Vancouver’ is the debut single from nightdriving, the project of Northampton-based Meg Amirghiasvand. It’s a song with lush 80’s synths and dreamy vibes. You can easily get lost inside this track as there is so much to like, from Amirghiasvand’s sweet vocal to the beautiful use of the electronic sounds of the synth. It’s a heavenly slice of music that dream pop fans with fall in love with instantly.

Talking about ‘Vancouver’ Amirghiasvand had the following to say:

“I wrote Vancouver towards the end of 2019, and it’s about a brief relationship I had during that previous summer. I’d been in a long-term on-again-off-again relationship that had become toxic and was a very difficult situation for me and during one of the “off again” periods I met someone I really connected with, and who made me feel excited and positive in way I hadn’t felt for a long time. She really helped me to believe that I could be happy, and I was convinced it would be with her, but she took a month-long trip to Canada not long after we met, and the distance proved to be too much for our fledgling romance. Obviously, I was gutted, and all of those feelings of disappointment and sadness mixed with the positive feeling of “maybe there is something better out there for me” inspired the song.”

There is definitely a melancholia to the track but that just helps to bring out the beauty in the music. As debut singles go ‘Vancouver’ is perfect. I personally can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.