Middle Kids – R U 4 ME?

‘R U 4 ME?’ is the new song from Sydney trio Middle Kids. It’s their first new song in 18 months, since their mini album ‘New Songs For Old Problems’.

The accompanying artwork is really eye catching, there’s a nod to the DIY C86 scene. The song itself has a raw energy and buzz. This is further encapsulated in laughter ( a sound missing in too many peoples lives) recorded between outtakes, and featuring in the final versions adding to the spontaneous energy, you get the feeling the band enjoyed recording it, and it’s held together by some very solid work behind the drums.

Hannah Joy Lead singer and songwriter explains : “I was at university once and there were all these signs on the walls saying “BE NICE IT’S NOT THAT HARD”. The tone of the message itself actually wasn’t very nice or kind…. We are always looking around at other people thinking “are you on my team?”. I think this just results in us all feeling lonely.”

The accompanying video compliments this perfectly with its portrait of youth isolation and feeling lost, and then ultimately finding a place you belong.

A great track, uplifting, positive and above all fun, an anecdote to the dark times we live in.

For the record Middle Kids will perform a Global Live Streaming Event on October 22nd 2020. Tickets are available here. Enjoy !

Kevin Cronin