Mica Millar – Heaven Knows

Mica Millar

Mica Millar delves into her faith in new record ‘Heaven Knows’

Soulful yet captivating singer/songwriter Mica Millar brings us moving, cheerful rhythms in her long awaited debut album ‘Heaven Knows.’ Mica is a new artist on the scene and is continuing to develop her sound and style through experimenting with genres of music to see which is the best fit for her as well as looking up to artists she is inspired by. Mica’s music is pure but simple which brings out melancholic sounds with a touch of slick upbeat tempos. So far Mica has received radio support from the likes of the BBC, Jazz FM and Trevor Nelson and these have helped her to get her music out to the public.

The tracks on the album are groovy but also gentle as soft sounds are added to bring notes of jazz that will make listeners want to sway along whilst chilling out. A fresh, cool breeze is what reminds me of the music Mica creates, as she adds hints of sass make the tunes joyous and uplifting. Powerful, positive energy shines through the album to emphasise funky, upbeat and deep sounds that will fill your heart with warmth. Throughout her music we hear a strong independent and confident new women who isn’t afraid to speak out about life challenges as well as triumphs to help make her songs relatable to others. A mixture of emotions go into these songs and this helps to bring elements of love, peace and harmony.

In the vocals you can hear a lot of passion and emotion from the smooth rich tones of her elegant, sweet voice. The songs will help make you feel good and this is something we all need lately; Mica’s music helps heal you and also allows you to get in touch with your emotions, giving you pause to reflect on your journey in life so far.

‘Heaven Knows’ showcases themes of hope, spirituality, human nature, love and empowerment, something that helps to make the songs both honest and vulnerable. Faith and religion is something many of us look to in times of need and it’s the inspiration behind the meaningful messages in Mica’s songs. We all sometimes feel we are troubled and have many worries but seeking guidance from a higher deity can help us get through rough patches and make us feel optimistic that better things are on the horizon.

Life is never easy and challenges from things like Covid and personal development can bring us down but the thought of loved ones looking over us instantly makes us feel better. I myself have felt lost at times and by speaking to God it has helped me find the light to overcome my issues. ‘Heaven Knows’ helps to showcase infectious vintage gospel and blues whilst adding a modern twist to make the music unique and stylish but also sprghtly and full of personality.

One of the songs I enjoyed most was ‘Girl’ as the message behind the song is inspirational as it is based on true stories of women in aid of International Women’s Day to showcase just how remarkable they are. The sounds on this track are moving and refreshing as the funky, soulful rhythms will uplift you whilst the lyrics will be relatable to women all over the world. The positivity in this track encourages the theme of equality, empowering women to realise we are just as important as our male counterparts.

Another track I really liked was ‘Flashlights’ as it oozes with passion and confidence whilst speaking of love and romance from Mica’s personal experiences. Smooth, sultry vocals shine through the tune as the song is slowed down, making it simple and sweet sounding with beautiful bluesy instrumentals. The song is rich and full of soul as the lyrics speak of being in love and how making memories with a loved one can be an acceptable measure of success in life. A very moving and mesmerising track with a classic groove that captivates our hearts and reminds us of how being in love with someone is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world with the happiness it shines down upon us.

Here at Indie Midlands, we look forward to hearing more infectious and meaningful music from Mica Millar in the near future.

‘Heaven Knows’ is available now.

Jade Morris