Mall Girl – Superstar

Mall Girl

Mall Girl release debut album ‘Superstar’

Rowdy pop group Mall Girl bring vibrant sweet melodies infused with heavy beats to their debut album ‘Superstar.’ Originating from Norway the band go back to their hometown roots through indulging sounds from their country to help develop their music and experiment with different genres to allow them to be unique. Mall Girl have received success through previous singles ‘Bubbly Cool Drink’ and ‘Bachtap.’ Critics such as The Guardian and Under The Radar believe that Mall Girl are ones to watch in the future.

The album is noisy, wild and upbeat and showcases positivity and passion. The music Mall Girl create has a mixture of flavours to helps make the songs on this record groovy and infectious which will get people bopping along and feeling good. ‘Superstar’ is powerful but gentle as some of the tracks on the album are soft and chilled whilst others are fast paced with a hint of edginess and sass to them.

Mall Girl produce electric joyful sounds that help lift your spirits and allow you to reminisce on the happier times before the pandemic and show how we have all learnt to deal with challenging times over the last two years. We’ve all had to find the strength to push on through this and Mall Girl shows this by adding a bit of soul and fire to the record. The music is warming and rich which makes you think of peaceful nights after the storm has passed where you can dream of the wonderful times ahead. The vocals on the record are magnificent and offer tones of smooth yet soft harmonies along with sharp notes on the louder tracks.

‘Superstar’ was created in the mist of the pandemic and the members of the band were forced to work remotely on the album whilst also adapting their style of writing as they shared messages and ideas. The quartet wanted to keep the spirit in the music alive via the excitement of playing different genres of music and breaking boundaries to create a fresh original sound. The album helps to emphasise self-reflection on past experiences that allow the band to be vulnerable with their emotions.

The track ‘Feel Like Crying’ is one of my favourite on the record as it is based on the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where we belong in the universe and feeling like everything is getting on top of you. The track is intimate and has elements of funk and power. Being apart from loved ones has definitely made me want to cry and although it has been tough on us all it is important to remember the good times and that we will all be together eventually.

Another song that stood out for me was ‘You And I’ as it expresses the beautiful chaos of love and creates melancholic rhythms which helps slow the track down to allow emotions of both sadness and happiness as we explore the challenges of having different opinions in a relationship which could lead you to clash and cause chaos for one another as you try to resolve the issue. The delicate sounds of the vocals are magnificent on this track and helps set the tone for it.

Here at Indie Midlands, we look forward to more remarkable music from Mall Girl in the near future,

‘Superstar’ is available now via Jansen Records.

Jade Morris