Madison Margot – Heathrow

Madison Margot

The place to be is certainly Madison Margot’s discography. Transport to ‘Heathrow’ and hear Madison’s take on long-distance relationships. Unforgettably original and equipped with an ethereal synth-pop persona, ‘Heathrow’ also showcases Madison’s American-twang vocals. A track that Taylor Swift would certainly smile at, this is instantly recognisable as Madison’s own. Produced by Tone Def (Green Day, Santana, Charli Adams), Madison’s inspiring new single will certainly find a place at the top of your playlist.

Speaking about the incredible new single, Madison shares, “I wrote Heathrow about long-distance relationships. The anxiety that comes with counting down the miles until you have to kiss your lover goodbye at the airport. I have spent the past couple years between London and my home Los Angeles, and Heathrow has become a very important setting in my story. Such an iconic airport that I have a love/hate relationship with! I am so proud of this song because of how it unfolds line by line. How the chorus throws a tantrum. How the verses bring attention to small details such as the music being listened to and the typical English weather. But no matter how specific it is, it is ultimately a song about just wanting to be with your love!”