Maddi Jones – Dust

‘Dust’ is a song by 19-year old Chicago musician Maddi Jones. It’s a track described by Jones as being about “losing the person who once occupied all of your time and who you used to revolve your life around”. She also says it’s about “coming to terms with a loss in which you cannot blame the other person for why they decided to leave you”.

‘Dust’ has a dark feel musically that at times feels like it would love to become really grungy without ever doing so. Naturally given the description of the song there is a downbeat melancholic vibe both musically and vocally. It’s a moody and atmospheric track. The PR mentions Smashing Pumpkins and the song certainly would sit well in a playlist of that nature.

The third song off Jones’ debut EP ‘Beg For Me’, ‘Dust’ is a track for those of you who like your music to be of a bleaker, darker nature and certainly not one for fans of indie pop.

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