Los Bitchos – Let The Festivities Begin!

Los Bitchos

Fun loving party animals Los Bitchos bring us their debut album ‘Let The Festivities Begin!’. The music the band create is an infusion of indie, pop and a combination of Latin and Brazilian sounding tones. A year on from the original release date fans can now hear the album and hopefully they will agree it was worth the wait.

‘Let The Festivities Begin!’ represents good vibes whilst dancing the night away necking back the tequila. The songs on the record are groovy and have lots of different flavours and spices to bring something different to the table. The music is extremely infectious and will definitely get you in the mood for a good boogie. Each track is original as they use a range of instruments from percussion, shakers, cowbells and bongos to emphasise the raw passion they have for the music they create as well as the emotion they want to bring which I would say is playful and cheery making me feel warm inside after a cold windy day. A few songs are more upbeat than others as a couple start off slow and gradually pick up the pace as the track progresses, but the majority of the tunes are funky and fast.

Los Bitchos gel well together as they continue to bond over drinking and having a bash. The members of the band are from all over the world which gives us something unique and fresh from each of them as well as allowing them as individuals to showcase their personalities through their sound. Los Bitchos’ style of music gives off retro futuristic rhythms which adds a bit of edge to their hits. I can also sense carnival vibes with a hint of sass and the use of cosmic synths in their tracks. Listening to the tambourine shining through makes me think of sunny weather and people doing the samba in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Los Bitchos believe that coming from another country means they don’t have to stick to one genre and this allows them to bend the rules a bit to help them stand out from the rest. The bands lively outlook on music and life is what makes their record so good. The album was set for release in 2021 but with the ongoing pandemic it had to be delayed, especially with one band member being on the NHS frontline. The quartet express how even in these unprecedented times everyone’s strength has been really inspiring and how they have tried to bring out the best in each other through sheer determination and electric and positive energy.

‘Let The Festivities Begin!’ showcases having a good sense of humour and being up for a laugh, the title is also a celebratory one where you cheer to the happier times ahead as the pandemic era comes to an end (hopefully) and everyone comes together as one. Some may say that Los Bitchos are too busy having fun that they don’t think about ambition, but in life it’s all about going with the flow and seeing what happens. The trick is to never expect anything to avoid disappointment.

One of the songs I really loved was the closing track ‘Lindsay Goes To Mykonos’ which is based on the reality TV show where Lindsay Lohan opens a luxury beach hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos. The song is vibrant and exotic as they start out with soft melodies but suddenly gets louder with sharper beats giving off an optimistic yet fiery atmosphere, the band also uses quiet shouting at the end to be more dramatic.

‘Try The Circle!’ is an interesting one as it was written after a night on magic mushrooms. The single pairs mind-blowing guitar riffs with bolting drums which emphasise the feeling of being as high as a kite after a weird dream wondering what the hell just happened. This track gives off spooky vibes and is heavy sounding which reminds me of having a banging head after drinking too much.

‘Good to Go!’ is mellow, chilled-out track which expresses not overthinking too much about things and to be more open-minded. The sounds within this song are bouncy and upbeat, bringing the feel good vibe of relaxing on the couch at home.

Here at Indie Midlands we look forward to hearing more great music from Los Bitchos in the near future.

‘Let The Festivities Begin’ is out now via City Slang Records.

Los Bitchos headline Hare & Hounds on February 24th. Tickets are available here.

Jade Morris