Legss – Hyde Park Coroner


London based Post-Punk quartet Legss have returned with their bold new single ‘Hyde Park Coroner’. Having been recently praised by NPR as part of ‘The Post-Brexit New Wave’, Legss have often drawn comparisons to the likes of Black Country, New Road, Dry Cleaning and Squid (despite the fact that they are the only unsigned group of the four).  

‘Hyde Park Coroner’ is a brash and dramatic single with powerful riffs and emotive vocals. It opens with an overdriven chord progression which foreshadows a dark, confrontational track. This is quickly accompanied by a complex drumming pattern which matches with the angular guitar motifs perfectly. This heavy instrumental is soon joined by lead vocalist Ned Green’s sharp lyrics which are half-spoken, half-proclaimed.

One feature of ‘Hyde Park Coroner’ which I particularly enjoyed was the bridge, due to its ghostly, multi-layered vocals and thrashy drums. Although it is only brief, it takes the track to the next level as this is a sound I have yet to hear their peers experiment in. Furthermore, I have to praise the performance of Louis Grace. His drumming on this track is as intricate as it is impeccable and I am eager to hear more of his work.

In conclusion, this track is perfect for you if you are a fan of well written, jazz influenced post punk. It will be interesting to see whether the following releases from Legss live up to this very high standard and I am hoping to see them live during their tour with Norwegian art-rock act Pom Poko.

Aidan Mcguire