Lavender Blue – Beware

Lavender Blue

The first thing which struck me about ‘Beware’ was how dark in nature the opening guitar strums were. It makes sense once you find out that it was inspired by an episode of the sadly now-finished ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’; namely one where the protagonist contemplates stealing and embodying her demonic birthright.

But not only were the lyrics – which also consider the internal struggles between good and evil – inspired by CAOS, but also the sound. ‘Beware’ could just as easily fit on a horror soundtrack as a modern rock playlist, and to me, it’s the electric guitar twangs near the end which elevate this song to a higher level.

It’s the work of an experienced and confident artist, and that could accurately describe Lavender Blue, aka Kayla Zuskin. Previously, she has produced country/Americana albums for Lo Wolf and Valerie Miller, and has performed with Sophia Darby and Danielle Hill as the trio ‘Tauri Moon’. ‘Beware’ could well be featured on her upcoming EP ‘I Get Lost’ which is coming up later in 2021.

Ryan Powell