Laura Fell – Cold

‘Cold’ is the new single from Laura Fell, a taster for her new album ‘Safe from Me’, due in November this year. Previous release ‘Bone of Contention’ was built around a gently waltzing acoustic guitar rhythm, gradually joined by a host of other instruments to form a dense texture and empathetic platform for her rich, inquiring voice.

The London-based performer has now further tempted the listener with ‘Cold’. Starting off with insistent percussion like one of Tom Waits ‘Raindogs’ era vignettes the song evolves into a beautifully sung verse-chorus structure with the instrumentation a point of ever-changing interest, revealing further complexities on each listen.

The lyrics intrigue; I like the comment on her bio ‘….Fell invites you to claw at the soil until you strike gold, and the meaning eventually becomes unearthed….’

On the evidence of these two tracks the album should be an excellent listen…

Mike Wright