Krispel – Vibrance


Innovative and vibrant are two words to describe TikTok icon and artist Krispel. Back with his latest offering ‘Vibrance’, which is taken from his debut EP, the track has already received over 6,000 streams on Spotify alone since it’s drop on June 11th. An authentic artist with layers of personality, you can tell Krispel truly lives for music throughout “Vibrance”. Armed with urgency and ounces of energy, this optimistic number is certainly what the world needs right now. Even if you’re not into hip-hop or rap, there’s something for everyone still in the track. 

Sharing his thoughts on the incredible ‘Vibrance’, Krispel explains, “Vibrance is one of those songs that grabs everyone’s attention in the room until it’s over. It resonates a spontaneous and energetic frequency into the listeners world. The tempo keeps a head banging pace, while the instrumentation and flow of the vocals makes the listener make the face. You know the face (: ”