Ki-Jung – Feel Alive


Multi-talented icon Ki-Jung is an artist who believes we must answer our calling in life, and is certainly sharing his powerful art with the world. With quite an inspiring story behind him, Ki-Jung has roots in South Korea, the US and France. Creating diverse music that spans different genres and cultures to create his innovative sound, Ki-Jung returns with another strong contender to add to his collection, ‘Feel Alive’. An empowering single that tells the tale of breaking down your walls and being your true self, this is definitely an artist we can all look up to when times are tough.

Speaking about the track’s message, Ki-Jung shares, “Feel Alive is about allowing our inner self to break-out and express wonderment at the glow of true, time-tested love.” Fuelled with jazz-pop elements and an experimental nature, the new track comes across as entirely transcendent. Known for his spiritual, caring nature, Ki-Jung is the type of person you’d be proud to follow on his journey. Describing his aspirations, Ki-Jung adds, “My aspiration is to work from now until eternity at bettering myself and, in the process, helping others. I believe in the healing power of sincere friendships and seek to spread the message of compassion in sort of an ecumenical, non-discriminating way. Everyone needs and deserves dignity and respect, and I work in my everyday life and interactions with others to express my gratitude for their presence in my life.”