Ki-Jung – Crystal Light


Composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ki-Jung is a force to be reckoned with. Blending bodies of pop, rock, R&B, soul and jazz to create his signature sound, this is one artist that you could never label to one specific genre. Unpredictable and consistently bringing something new to the table, Ki-Jung steps into a dark, alternative pop attire in new single ‘Crystal Light’. Working with his writing and recording partner and assembling a world-class crew of musicians for the release, Ki-Jung produced the haunting track with futuristic soundscapes. ‘Crystal Light’ perfectly encompasses the bittersweet sensations found in an intense love affair. 

Describing his strongest values and story, Ki-Jung shares, “I am a free spirit and believe in the healing power of nature and of warm-hearted people. I want to help others more than anything else I can strive for. The love that radiates back upon doing good things in the service of others is immeasurable in my mind. My music chronicles my life down to the romances, the thrills, the disappointments and the times that required sheer grit to get through. I love people and music is the gift I received and that which I return to people from around the world who take their love of life from music.”