Karima Francis – Say

Karima Francis

There’s a nostalgia that sets in when you listen to Karima Francis’ ‘Say’ as the soft tones and gentle rhythms take you away.

It’s a delicate song that Francis wrote about the effect that the pandemic has on relationships. The simplicity throughout is beautiful and really emphasises the song’s message. As you listen Francis’ solo vocals resonate with you, and it feels appropriate that a song about the isolation and lack of contact, that we’ve all experienced, is kept so stripped back.

This latest release is in the same vein as other recent songs Carelessness Causes Fire and Orange Rose although Say’s restraint and subtlety stands it out. The song has a calming aura throughout as the minimalistic instruments support Francis’ soothing vocals.

It’s easy to lose a lot of time listening to this song. Say flows very well, it has been nicely constructed to allow for variation within the song but still have a smooth natural progression. Personally, I enjoyed just sitting back, taking in the whole ambiance of Say and relaxing as the gentle song plays in the background.

Say is a lovely, organic and moving release.

Karima Francis’ ‘Say’ is out now.

Ben Ainslie