Jessica Luise – Going In Blind

Jessica Luise

Manchester based artist Jessica Luise has impeccably timed the release of her new EP ‘Going In Blind’. The feelgood nature of her songs makes them ideal for a hot summers day. The uplifting style of music has been compared by many to Fleetwood Mac. It is therefore unsurprising that it is the sort of music which makes you appreciate the world around you. You can imagine it as the perfect backdrop to a road-trip.  

Aside from this, one of Luise’s key strengths is her incredible ability at writing lyrics. Her poignant descriptions of love, forgiveness, and family proliferate the enchanting nature of her songs. Her EP is built from four songs: ‘a.m’, ‘Stargaze’, ‘Three Steps Forward’ and ‘Bedroom’.

‘a.m’ is a perfect introduction to the EP – with a climactic chorus and melancholic verses. This stylistic contrast reflects the contradiction between the fast-paced nature of the song and the vulnerability the lyrics expose.

Her second song ‘Stargaze’ is an ode to her vocal range, as well as her excellent song writing ability. As her press release reveals, this was one of the earliest songs she wrote. This gives further credit to her abilities that such an early work could be so well written and so vocally strong.

‘Three Steps Forward’ is a song dedicated to her parents. The love and appreciation she feels for her parents is reflected in the emotive, heart-warming vibe of the song. Luise clearly has a talent for cleverly intertwining the feelings within both the lyrics and the tune.

The final track of is ‘Bedroom’. This slower, more subtle track gives closure to the EP. The haunting guitar backing track perfectly unites with the tone of her voice – it’s almost bewitching.

Luise’s upcoming live dates are listed below, and after listening to this EP I would highly recommend going to see her. I’m sure it will be an enchanting and excellent evening.

Tour dates –

23/7 – Jimmy’s, Liverpool (supporting More In Luv)

6/8 – EBGBs, Liverpool (supporting Abi Rose Kelly)

8/8 – RivFest, Warrington

Emily Potter