Jaguar Jonze – MURDER

Jaguar Jonze

Following on from her appearance at ‘Australia Decides’ in February, and the release of her excellent single ‘DEADALIVE’, Jaguar Jonze (aka Deena Lynch) is back with a new track teasing her forthcoming EP.

‘MURDER’ is a sleek, indie pop track which utilises a deep bassline to create an extra, darker atmosphere in her sound. I enjoy everything that JJ does – there’s definitely a refined edge to this song – and this is a catchy, classy addition to her music.

About the track, Lynch says, “’MURDER’ is about when a relationship gets pushed beyond a boundary that should’ve never been crossed and why we ever thought that was a good idea. Wishing that we could go back to where it was before that line was crossed but knowing we’re both guilty of having made that decision to, put grimly, ‘kill’ that relationship”.

As with ‘DEADALIVE’, the music is only half of it, and the track is accompanied by a stunning, red-coloured visual music video. The antihero, portrayed by Lynch herself, seems to be training to be able to fight the world.

From what I’ve heard so far of the EP, it’s brilliant – and, thus far, the whole concept surrounding it is both intriguing and excellently executed.

Ryan Powell