Jacqueline Tucci – Home

Jacqueline Tucci is an alternative rocker from Toronto. Her brand new track, ‘Home’, is ultimately about authenticity and taking chances, rather than fighting our feelings. It’s about finding the courage to be honest with ourselves, to feel our true feelings, and tp embrace our own vulnerability.

I really enjoy the nostalgic mixing of the track, which could easily come from the late 90’s. To go witht his itt feels raw and intense, and the slightly less-polished master sound (compared to radio releases of similar music) give it a more personal touch than you would typically have. Tucci wonderfully switches from softer, more melancholic verses to euphoric, uplifting and catchy choruses with ease.

‘Home’ is a relaxing listen, but it is by no means boring, and I really enjoyed chilling to this track.

Ryan Powell