Homemade Costume – No Difference

Homemade Costume

‘No Difference’ is the second single from four-piece indie rockers Homemade Costume, released across all streaming platforms to give 2021 a kickstart.

I really enjoy the relaxed energy of this track. The strong guitar riffs pull the song through it’s first section, and it reminded me a lot of the 1990s Britpop movement. There are no drums until the second verse begins at 1:15, but by slowly building the song up in this way it stops you feeling like the five minute track length is too long. After a good few listens I could imagine myself singing along to this as the vocal hooks are really catchy.

For an indie song the guitars are plentiful and quite intense, but this adds a certain warmth to the atmosphere which ‘No Difference’ generates. An independent release, I really hope this band keep progressing, manage to increase their fanbase and even find a label to put more releases out on (should they feel a label is the way forward).

Ryan Powell