HASANI – All U Need


Maryland based artist HASANI returns with his fascinating new single ‘All U Need’. It may only be the songwriter’s third single to date, but it’s certainly paving the way for an exciting future ahead. Championed by Tyler The Creator’s VICELAND show ‘Nuts and Bots’, HASANI oozes with star-quality and could easily find his name next to his biggest inspirations. Having recently worked with rapper Cordae for the song ‘Been Around’ off the Grammy-nominated album ‘The Lost Boy’, HASANI takes the centre spotlight for his captivating solo career ahead.

‘All U Need’ comes across as simply bewitching. Gripping hold of your soul and leaving you wanting more, the new track from HASANI radiates self-love. Adding to the track’s message, HASANI shares, “’All U Need’ is a seamless sensual self-love mantra. No matter how bad you may want somebody to want you or love you, you don’t need them, you’re all you need.” Inspired by real-life events, HASANI turns to music for guidance.