Haig Shahinian – Siren

Haig Shahinian released a brand new single entitled “Siren,” where he served some real classic blues and electrifying vibes. The NY-based artist has been surprising his fanbase with new drops every Friday for the past few weeks, and proving how versatile as a singer and composer he is. 

Shahinian’s debut single ‘Losing My Mind” was a classic rock-themed single, while his previous release “Mean Little Momma” was influenced by Latin melodies and mood. On his latest track “Siren,” which stands for “to be liked” in the Armenian language, Haig Shahinian went for lively and vivid blues. The song is a beautiful love story, a unique and eclectic mix of music styles and formats, that gives a retrospective feel while Haig Shahinian’s flawless vocal reminds us of Elvis Presley, and good old times.

Charlotte Lucas