Grandmas House – Girl

Grandmas House

Bristol based punk trio Grandmas House have returned with their latest single ‘Girl’; a high energy, empowering track that is paired with a strikingly memorable music video. The band have already garnered a buzz off the strength of their stellar discography and last single ‘Golden’. Now, as they prepare to release their debut, self-titled EP, the band have given us a taste of what is to come in the form of ‘Girl’.

To be blunt, ‘Girl’ is one of the best punk singles I have heard all year. That much was clear to me from the tracks melodic opening bars. I simply love the sound of vocalist Yasmin Berndt’s voice, especially when it is paired with the songs smooth bassline and overdriven guitar chords. At first, I thought Grandmas House may have mellowed out and opted to release a slow, ethereal track. I was mistaken.

Seemingly out of nowhere, ‘Girl’ bursts out with an energetic drum beat which carries the track to its second movement. It would be pointless trying to compare the track with another; although there may be a few similarities to other songs, the duel vocal style of Yasmin Berndt and Poppy Dodgson not only sets this band apart from their peers, but also gives this track a confrontational, almost haunting feel.

If you only check out one new band this year, it should be Grandma’s House. The bands debut EP ‘Grandmas House’ will be released on October 15th via Brace Yourself Records.

Aidan Mcguire