Goons – Bella

Australian five-piece Goons imbue their new single with a flavour of the Sydney music scene and the ambition to breathe new life into a genre influenced by ‘..Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Strokes and Bloc Party…’ according to their biography.

Their recent single ‘Homerun’ in April this year was built on a rock-solid bass foundation as the guitars weaved in and out and the vocal played with the verse melody line, but suddenly rose up for the anthemic chorus. The accompanying video of unsettling dream and domestic bliss was a thought- provoking interpretation of the song.

Now ‘Bella’ carries on their sonic adventure, this time the bass and guitar double up and push a satisfying riff along on a track that would be great live. The summery chorus uplifts and implores with the catchy ‘…kickstart your heart…’. Again the vocal amiably duels with a neat bit of guitar work, especially in the middle eight, but this is very much an ensemble piece; bristling with confidence and sparkle in their sound.

Mike Wright