FXRRVST – Here’s The Key, Don’t Lose It

Toronto based musicians Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes are the duo behind FXRRVST, an indie/alternative act pronounced forest.

FXRRVST have returned with their new EP ‘Dear Friend; Part 2’. It’s an EP that builds upon an earlier release, the unsurprisingly named ‘Dear Friend; Part 1’, and also pushes them in to new territory. ‘Here’s The Key, Don’t Lose It’ is the first single released from the new EP and is a song laying bare mental health struggles.

“In terms of lyrics and the structure of the song, it’s one of the more intellectual tracks on the EP, but also one of the most important songs in our catalogue. Lyrically, it’s a hard-hitting song,” Fuentes says. “From the first time we played the track live, it was clear the song and the message behind it was something that resonated with audiences. A lot of people didn’t see it as being a conventional first single but that’s also exactly why we thought it would be an excellent choice to be the first release from the new EP.”

One of my favourite elements of this song is how it doesn’t let you rest. The underlying beat could easily have come from any lower-tempo ballad track, but the riffs and additional percussion sounds take it into new territory and keep it interesting. ‘Here’s the Key, Don’t Lose It’ makes me feel sad – I’ve already referred to its’ meaning, but you can really hear the emotion which FXRRVST project through the entire three-and-a-half minutes.

‘Here’s The Key, Don’t Lose It’ came out on Friday, and I would fully recommend it.

Ryan Powell