Five O Five’s – Through The Darkness

Five O Five’s

‘Through The Darkness’ is the debut track from Five O Five’s, an indie rock band from the West Midlands, and is somewhat reflective of their status. After playing some promising shows, their future at gigs – like so many others – was grounded by the pandemic, and that uncertainty around their future is reflected by the lyrics of this track, with the group “searching for the light” to guide them.

It’s an engaging track with a lot of depth, and there’s clearly an energy and a hunger here from the young band, who are resilient against this same uncertainty and darkness, as they should be too. Alice Bloor’s lead vocals really stand out on this track and given that they’ve already made an impression, there’s no reason this shouldn’t continue, pandemic or not.

At the end of the day ‘Through The Darkness’ leaves us yearning for more of Five O Five’s sound, because there’s clearly a lot to unpack here already. The hook was left revolving around our minds when we had stopped listening, and there’s a fine balance between up-tempo rock and quiet reflection, and that was certainly unique.

Sam Bishop