Fake Turins – Talking Prophets

Fake Turins

Following the announcement of their plans to be the first band in the UK to play to a full capacity, non-socially distanced audience since March 2020, North London collective Fake Turins have unleashed their latest single; a minimalist ode to electronic music titled ‘Talking Prophets’.

The group have emerged at precisely the right time, with bands such as Squid and Black Country, New Road popularising this certain type of jazz-inspired, spoken-word, emotive post-punk. The vocal delivery of singer Dominic Rose is particularly evocative of Ollie Judge, lead vocalist from Squid. Both vocalists tend to convey their lyrics in an over-exaggerated, highly emotive manner and neither are shy of projecting their voice.

‘Talking Prophets’ would only be complete with its harrowing, howling guitar lines and its sonorous flourishes. The addition of orchestral instruments can give the track a claustrophobic feel, as if the song itself were submerging you in its quick-witted lyrics and energetic, vibrant rhythms.   

If I haven’t made it clear already, this is a single that you must listen to. Although it may be a little too experimental for everyone’s taste, ‘Talking Prophets’ is a genuinely great song by an exciting and ambitious band. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Fake Turins’ debut EP ‘Time Flowers Now’ on the 23rd July; I can only hope it lives up to this very high standard.

Aidan Mcguire