Exhaler – Organelle

Some bands do catchy three minute sing a-longs, and some bands do intricate layered aural journeys in the same amount of time. To do any of those well is a skill, undoubtedly. Birmingham’s (adopted) finest, Exhaler, do the latter with breathtaking brilliance, and the trio take another giant leap forward into greatness with latest single ‘Organelle’.

Liv Barlow’s voice is a bewitching honey-hued seduction laced with an aching wide-eyed innocence. Brandon Robinson’s guitar is an aural odyssey effortlessly and seamlessly moving between astral planes of dazzling antagonism and sparkling serenity. Drummer Fred Ensor’s powerful and intricate rhythmic drive stuns and astonishes in equal measure.

It has been said that you must work at your genius. These guys must be Trojans. All hail Exhaler.