Emma Volard – Femininity

“Feminity, doesn’t mitigate my rights”

In a time period where, for some reason, we are still having to have the chat about giving women a platform and voice in music – hello Reading and Leeds Festival – this track provides a soundtrack, expression and groove for women to dance alongside and once again show the power of women in music. Emma Volard’s proclamation to embrace and champion feminity is condensed into four immersive minutes of soul, funk and hip-hop beats, highlighting her potent voice and innovation for layering and track development. The track as a whole was a team effort, and in practicing what she preaches, Volard features a large host of talented female identifying musicians from strings to the voices in the choir.

Speaking about the song on the collective trauma felt by women across the world, whether in music or not, there is an anger that comes through on the track, like a rallying cry. With a punch that is felt similar to that when listening to the Queens of Soul or Riot Grrrls that have come before us. With the recent neo-soul revival, Volard fits well within this, alongside the likes of Joy Crookes or Arlo Parks with the real difference being the expanse of ‘Feminity’ and Volard’s tracks before this. Her music is multi-dimensional and all-encompassing, equally unlike most of her genre, you couldn’t fit her 7 piece band in an underground red lit jazz club. As the title for an upcoming (delayed) LP, ‘Feminity’ paves the way for an exciting album, screaming empowerment with an unstoppable groove within this.

Isobel Mcleod