Emerson – A Longing And Needing

This gorgeous debut single from London singer/songwriter Emerson is a thoughtful reflection on the ending of a relationship, suffused with melancholy but still with an undercurrent of optimism.

The introductory electrochords float in the air before Emerson’s soulful vocals carry a jazzy, late-night melody. The looser structure of the verses are a stream of observations on this period of emotional transition, giving way to an assertive but resigned ‘……it’s fine with me…..it’s plain to see that the devil has meddled between you and me….’

Musically there are some subtle touches as distant effects drift in and out then part way through the rhythm pattern becomes abrupt and hesitant. A soothing bass figure coaxes the sound along as an acoustic piano, treated guitar and backing vocals make an appearance amongst the electronica.

Along with the sonic richness of the track it is the strength of the vulnerable vocal that shines through. Clearly Emerson is an upcoming vocal talent and one to watch; I don’t know much about the performer but to add further to the enigma there is an accompanying poem to the song, some of the lines possibly acting as a prequel/explanation, ‘…so as time would pass….always it does pass…I left my envy with the fallen leaves from summer on the grass….it’s best to leave it in the past….’

Mike Wright