DITZ – 5 Songs EP

Unrelenting guitars, rolling drumbeats, and with sounds so textured you can almost reach out and grab them, Brighton five-piece DITZ are back with their new EP 5 songs and they won’t let you forget it.

Available the 3rd July 2020, this accurately titled EP is a collection of five songs both old and new- it includes known crowdpleasers ‘Seeking Arrangement’, ‘Total 90′ and ‘Gayboy’ but also brings a new delicacy to the table in the form of ‘Role Model’, whose eerie opening guitars and hoarse vocals quickly erupt into a cacophony of erratic screams and soul-thumping basslines, almost begging us with its lyrics, “could it be you?”.

Also available on this EP, releasing via Alcopop! Records, is their limited edition cover of Peaches hit single ‘Fuck The Pain Away’, which gifts us with an incredible rendition full of playful vocals and a beautifully dissonant array of screeching guitars, embodying the likes of Girl Band while reflecting noteworthy aspects of Lightning Bolt.

A 12-minute compilation impossible to contain inside a single genre, 5 Songs effortlessly drifts between noise, post-punk and rock, serving as a perfect example as to why DITZ are one of the most exciting bands in the UK today.

Marta del Pino