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Colleen Green

Colleen Green returns with brand new album ‘Cool’

L.A. based indie singer/songwriter Colleen Green releases her incredible new album ‘Cool’. Colleen first started out in 2015 with the release of her first album ‘I Want To Grow Up’ which indicates that she wants to flourish and make her mark in the world.

Colleen Green has always been cool but doesn’t always feel it as life threw insecurities and doubt that she couldn’t seem to shake off.  It seems that Colleen was having a bit of a crisis five years ago when she first began her music career and by working on herself and growing up a little made her new music sound mature and sophisticated.

The new album combines 90s-infused pop riffs with tonnes of energy which sets the scene for a fun filled summers day with a fresh cool breeze that brings happiness and lots of good times ahead.  

The songs on this album are very catchy and infectious which will make you want to dance along to the upbeat tempos and groovy beats that make Colleen’s music unique as it’s not your average indie rock music, it’s slower, chilled and relaxed. The past year has brought dark times for musicians but with these positive vibes from the album it helps bring hope for all who have suffered.

The opening song ‘Someone Else’ has a groovy bass line and is based on how Colleen’s happiness is in her own hands when it comes to her love life. The second track ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ is extremely catchy as she plays on words to make it quirky and fun, Colleen questions herself in the lyrics on why she overcomplicates her own life, when really she should try and relax more. Another song that I found interesting was ‘Highway’, she paints the picture with the lyrics as she talks about how she hates driving down the dark and stinky highway. I thought this was very imaginative and something different as she uses her own experience of driving to give fans something to relate back to.

‘Cool’ was created in Los Angles where Gordon Raphael from The Strokes helped Colleen develop her sound and take her songs to higher grounds. The album has themes of being nice to others and how you get what you give in life. It’s important to be the best person you can to make the world a better place.

‘Cool’ by Colleen Green is out September 10th via Hardly Art.

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