Chloe Gallardo – Twentyfold

Chloe Gallardo’s new track, ‘Twentyfold’, is the follow up to her debut single ‘Fools Keeper’, which gained a modest level of attention when released in the summer.

Gallardo’s brand of indie pop combines rock elements with that of old-style baroque pop. ‘Twentyfold’ provides a short escape from the stress of the world, relaxing and soothing as it is. You can really tell that she has worked exceptionally hard at crafting her sound, through her raw, emotional vocals and her background in musical theatre.

I enjoyed hearing this track as it made me feel calm and warm on an autumn day which could be described as neither, and I felt good after listening. She is a hugely talented new artist with a lot of potential to do great things; watch out for Chloe Gallardo.

Ryan Powell