Chloe Foy – Left Centred Weight

Chloe Foy

There’s a true purity to Chloe Foy’s voice which oozes serenity on her new single ‘Left Centred Weight’.

‘Left Centred Weight’ is the latest single from Manchester based singer-songwriter Chloe Foy and it’s the musical equivalent of your favourite comfy sweater and a cup of tea on a dreary winter’s day.

The lilting track sweeps you up in it’s gorgeous aura of strings and melodic guitars before Foy’s wonderfully delicate vocal comes through and caresses your ears, and feelings.

Although, this undeniably beautiful track has come at a price. Having lost he father to depression, it’s that grief which fuelled the creative process behind ‘Left Centred Weight’.

Speaking about her latest single, and the inspiration behind the track, Foy said:

“It’s about feeling that everyone’s going to die, which comes about from having grieved once before. But ultimately coming to terms with it and making peace.”

This isn’t Foy’s first rodeo when it comes to releasing beautifully easy-listening music to critical acclaim.

Previous singles ‘Flaws’ and ‘Asylum’ brought notoriety in the form of 8.5 million streams on Spotify and features on festival posters up and down the country including at SXSW and Cambridge Folk Festival.

Foy’s 2020 culminated in a slot on the line-up of Glastonbury’s Acoustic Stage, although the pandemic ended those plans before they could come to fruition.

That in itself is a crying shame, because I think this brand of melodic pop would sound incredible drifting over the speakers at Worthy Farm as you relax back, with the sun on your face and a cup of cold cider in hand watching all your cares dance away over the green hills.

With all those incredible plans lined up for 2020, it would have been easy for Foy to rest on her laurels. But she’s returned with ‘Left Centred Weight’ and its angelic qualities are just what the world needed.

An album is reportedly in the pipeline too. If this single is alluding to the shape of things to come I foresee many more festival posters on the horizon for Foy.

‘Left Centred Weight’ is out on February 23rd.

Tom Spruce