CATATAC – Mr Clean / Bread


Midlands based songwriter CATATAC has returned with his new single ‘Mr Clean/ Bread’; a Devo-esque, post-punk ode to cleaning your bedroom. And yet, despite its mundane and bizarre subject matter, it also happens to be one of the best tracks to come out of the east midlands this year.

‘Mr Clean/ Bread’ wastes no time with introduction opening with the first verse. You are immediately hit in the face with playful lyricism and catchy vocal melodies. You are then transported to the first chorus with layers of taunting vocals and spacey synths which really exemplifies the quirky essence of the song.

I have to praise the guitar work on this track as without the intricate riffs, overdriven power chords and bright motifs the track would lack the ability to captivate the ears of the audience. Furthermore, the chugging bassline carries us through the different sections of the track splendidly.

With this song being the first off an upcoming EP, I believe CATATAC is an artist to look out for and you can find his music on streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. I wish CATATAC success in the future and am thoroughly anticipating the release of his new EP.

Aidan Mcguire