Cage Park – BUS

Cage Park

Last night in Digbeth venue/pub Dead Wax I freed Cage Park frontman Arthur Belben after he got stuck in the cubicle in the mens toilets when the door got jammed. It reminded me of the kind of comic scene you would get in classic 70’s British TV show/movie franchise On The Buses, which leads nicely to the release today of Cage Park’s new single, aptly titled ‘BUS’.

‘BUS’ is a three minute catchy indie pop banger about all the times the band have travelled around home city Birmingham on the bus. As always with Cage Park you are treated to the co-vocals of the aforementioned Belben along with Edie Mist. Musically it’s indie rock with a slight nod towards a post-punk sound. During the part where Mist takes on the lead vocal there is a slight melancholic edge that combines well with more sprightly vibe of the rest of the song. The guitar licks of Leo White are stellar whilst drummer Reuben Saunders keeps everything moving along perfectly.

Cage Park have been around a couple of years now (previously known as Flares, they were forced to change their name) and the talent was there to see from the start, but you still have to stop and remind yourself that this is a band who are all still very young. The potential they have is frightening and they have the ability to rule the Birmingham roost for the next decade.

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