Butter Bath – Beds With Springs

Butter Bath

A new double single from Sydney-based multi-talented performer and producer Toby Anagnostis, performing under the name Butter Bath. ‘Devil Fangs’ features a loping bass line, acerbic observations ‘….I’m sorry if your birthday cake has only one tier…’, and ‘…why are you so standoffish…like they make a statue…’ along with a chorus that sticks in your brain. Through the song Toby’s soulful voice sails serenely, distant but still confiding with the listener. It reminds me a bit of the sharp pop vignettes recorded by underrated London popster Oscar Scheller.

‘Beds With Springs’ continues the instrumental feelgood flow with a little extra edge from the keyboard and guitar rhythm. There is a more mysterious atmosphere in the sonic swirl of voice with lyrics and again the chorus hooks the song together as the melody is underpinned with melancholy. A strange playout coda and abrupt end breaks the spell of this pair of very listenable tracks.

Mike Wright