Bryde – The Trouble Is

So as we are all sat at home thanks to COVID 19, perhaps humming “In My Room” by The Beach Boys or if you are all really pessimistic something by R.E.M or Leonard Cohen, I have finally found time to review The Trouble Is by Bryde, not to be confused with the greatest covers band ever The Byrds.

This Bryde is of the female species and is the recording name of Welsh songbird Sarah Howells former member of acclaimed folk rock band Paper Aeroplanes before they were grounded and she took off on her solo flight.

The Trouble Is ironically has a hint of summery pop that The Byrds perfected but minus Roger McGuinn’s legendary 12 string Rickenbacker guitar and it also has a rockier edge to it. Ironically the song’s narrative is about the sort of worries that keep us awake at night and has a much more serious undertone to contrast it’s accessible and listener friendly tune.

This song is the first single from Bryde’s upcoming second album The Volume of Things, due to be released on 29th May.

Bryde should be embarking on a UK tour in September if we are all still alive by then including a date at The Castle and Falcon on 25th. With an acclaimed back catalogue and exciting new material to air, Bryde is certainly worth a look if you enjoy intelligent accomplished music.

Mark Wakeman