Black Bear Kiss – Reach Up Higher

‘Reach Up Higher’ is the brand new single from Midlands based band Black Bear Kiss and is already available to download now on Spotify and all streaming services.

Not heard of them yet? Well they are on the official Wolves FC Spotify playlist so for me they have already made it surely nothing can top that! Don’t then expect anything less than a fabulous review from here on in!

Lead singer Chris Leech explains that the single “addresses some of the big issues, both home and abroad” and that ‘Reach Up Higher’ is about trying to do better and not believing everything you read, especially on social media”.

Having reviewed the band before the single is an instantly recognisable slab of BBK, a pure piece of spikey rock and roll with that trademark calling card of their steady base line build leading to a crash, bang, wallop of a chorus. There’s a sense of classic English Rock at its heart as it lifts you then releases you until it’s obvious impending and imploding crescendo. It’s less funkier and more rockier than say their single ‘Hooks’, but no less of an anthem which seemingly is their signature approach which permutates throughout their discography.

Play it When?

It’s Black Bear Kiss so it’s an anthem! Play it when you need to pogo with your mates, arms draped around one another all whilst not caring about how you’re showering yourselves in your own beer and forgetting the worlds woes whilst being drowned in your own sheer abandon. Is that then a tad ironic given the subject matter of the single? You decide for yourselves.

John Frazer