Bjorn Rydhog – New Day Coming

Bjorn Rydhog

‘New Day Coming’ is the new single from Swedish musician Bjorn Rydhog. A song that he describes as a “celebratory post-pandemic single”.

Atmospheric synths provide the vibe on a track that mixes 80’s nostalgia with current day indie pop. Infectious beats provide the ryhthm on a single that is very easy on the ears, Rydhog’s use of backing vocals to his own lead add ambience and help flesh out a track that is catchy and upbeat.

Rydhog had the following to say about the single:

“The single ‘New Day Coming’ and the upcoming EP, have a celebratory and hopeful feel. This time the songs goes even deeper, trying to express the beauty and love that’s all around. Music that’s perfect for listening alone under the starlit sky, as well as accompanying the warm and sweaty post-pandemic party nights. A musical companion guiding us over troubled water.”

Gary Tibbs