Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger

Billie Flynn

Hailing from Perranporth, rising talent Billie Flynn brings all the mystical contemplation of the Cornish coast to this new single, a forerunner to her debut EP. Starting with a soothing introduction Billie’s voice breathes in to join the gently played guitar, setting the contemplative tone for the track, ‘…I haven’t seen you around in a while…’. 

The other instrumental textures appear over a distant horizon; like a thin skein of mist they are insubstantial and ever-changing. The lyric soon reaches an irresistible chorus, ‘….would you recognise me now I’ve grown to a person you don’t even know….’ and then the plaintive payoff, ‘….hey stranger…I really miss you….’. The four minutes fly by too quickly and this gorgeous song drifts off into the ether…

Mike Wright